Be Prepared for Church Planting Mission


The passion of reaching many people through spreading the word of God is indeed a challenge for most Christians. It takes a lot of effort, patience, faith, and prayer for one person to receive the gift that the Heavenly Father has given to them through Jesus Christ. If this seed as a church planter has also been planted in your heart, this means that you have a call to mission. Taking part of church planting requires willingness, a good heart, and skill for you to be able to reach and penetrate within the city where you will do your mission.

Pastors do have a training ground of activities for those who are called to do the mission. Just like going to a battle, a soldier must be trained with strength and responsibility. Same goes with Pastors uplifting the servants in the kingdom of God to be equipped with the knowledge regarding bible verses and understanding how the spirit God works within you. Aside from training and be skilled, you do need to prepare yourself for this journey. Here is a guideline for you to start walking in faith and righteousness.

Carry your cross.
Being called for a mission to take a lot of willingness and a heart to serve God. If God has been stirring your heart with for work to be done, remember that to lay down your life would mean that you have to let go of the things that are holding you from serving the Lord. A test of faith is part of doing a task for the mission to be a success in faith.

A prayerful mindset, fasting, and meditation.
Of course, without prayer things wouldn’t be possible. Developing a prayerful life is not that easy. Coming into prayer also takes a heart of willingness and a right attitude for you to be able to hear God’s voice. Reading your bible is where God also speaks to you while you are meditating. Discipline is one thing that you should have, for example, setting a time for prayer at a certain hour and a commitment to do fasting makes you sensitive in discerning what’s right and wrong.

Be equipped with training.
Surely, your Pastor sets days of training on how you’re going to approach a community regarding church planting. Of course, you do not go to a place and just do whatever it is needed. Keep in mind that it takes so much effort to even talk to someone. In training, you will experience a breakthrough, get to know more of your relationship to God and others, and you will be taught on how to be an effective church planter.

Receive it with all your heart.
The desire to make a big impact towards other people’s lives is not your profit to gain praise but to the One who has set and stirred your heart to do His work for His people to acknowledge and love Him. It is important that you have a big heart to serve God not just because you want to but with all of your heart, mind, body, and soul through prayer and fasting.

If you are called to do the works of the Lord Jesus Christ, dear brother and sister keep in mind that your work will not be in vain (1 Corinthians 15:58) and the Lord, sees your hard work and blesses the lives of those who serve Him. As you are preparing yourself, do not forget the people who have also given you the time and knowledge. May you have a glorious walk in faith in planting churches.


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