Pareidolia Roundup

Earlier this year, a piece of dried glue that looks like Homer Simpson sold for... 152,000 pounds??? That's something like $240,000. I think Mary is now a little pissed off that she was so undervalued!

Additionally, a George Washington chicken nugget was sold for $8,100. That money apparently went to charity, which makes it seem a little less obscene.

More pareidolia: Garfield popcorn, angry lunar rock, and baby Venom. I can't decide whether that last one is awesome or horrifying.

Someone who is awesome decided to check whether facial recognition software is also susceptible to pareidolia. The answer: yes! Though the computer will sometimes register different things as the eyes or mouth and miss others that a human would consider obvious.

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March 29, 2012 @ 6:39 AM PDT by Wesley


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