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Cell phone

Jesus has further entered the digital age by appearing in a cell phone picture.

"The message that I got was that He was telling me that He was with me," Square said. "I feel proud and blessed that I have this picture."

Just to be sure that it wasn't a hoax, Square checked to see if the image had come pre-loaded with the phone, or had been sent to her. Apparently it was a truly divine miracle.

Yes, a distorted image that looks nothing like Jesus is truly nothing short of the work of the Lord.

The article also shows a picture of a t-shirt she had made with that image on it.

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
February 21, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley

Yet another tree

Late last month, Jesus decided to invade yet another person's tree.

Recently, while attempting to find solace against an imminent foreclosure, they discovered that an image of Jesus had appeared in a knothole in their tree. The couple believes that this is a sign that something good is coming their way.

Yes, their house may be foreclosed, but Jesus decided to send them his image! What a loving God.

Picture credit: Proud Atheists.

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
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February 18, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley

Potato chip

Less than six months after they became rabid converts of Christianity, this couple found Jesus in a chip.

Of course, it's a direct sign from the Lord.

In fact, Linda sees the discovery of the chip as a sign that the family is doing something right, and perhaps as an indication that she and Brian need to stop smoking.

"This strengthens my faith," she said of finding the unique potato chip. "It makes me believe even more."

Apparently Jesus is shy around the unbelievers.

"If you believe, you can see it," she said with a shrug. "If you don't, well ..."

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
February 18, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley

Another rock

Jesus just happens to appear yet again in a rock, to a religious man eager to sell it.

His aim is a little ambitious... but faith can move mountains, right?

"I'm going to sell it if I can get $20 million," he said -- citing an exaggerated account of the grilled cheese price tag.

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
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February 16, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley

A rock

The Son of God has decided to grace a rock with his presence.

A business owner in Redlands, Calif., says he's found an image of Jesus in a rock embedded in his store counter.

The counter has been in place for years, but the image wasn't noticed until about two months ago, the Contra Costa Times reported.

The employee who spotted Jesus's obvious image apparently has a vivid imagination.

"I see a swollen eye and a lesser swollen eye," Erik "Smokey" Jones told the Contra Costa Times. "This here is thorns on his head."

Picture Credit: No-Name247.

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
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February 16, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley

Xbox 360

Our Lord and Savior decided to settle the console wars way back in 2006 by appearing on an Xbox 360.

He was, of course, promptly put up on ebay.

This XBOX 360 package has an Image of a man in the resemblance of Jesus on the back of the packaging. I did not alter the package in any way. This is a natural occurance of something beyond my understanding.

Yes, it is beyond anyone's understanding how packaging could be shaped to look absolutely nothing like Jesus. The bidding at the time of the article was at over $2,000, so apparently a lot of people were hoping for some divine intervention in their Halo experience.

Picture credit: Hexus.gaming.

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
February 13, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley

Car dealership

Jesus claims his own office at a car dealership.

However, some of the viewers are heathens.

"It looks a little bit like Sasquatch," piped up Ruth Johnson from the receptionist desk.

James Bauman Jr., who was getting an oil change, described it as "Christ in a Jedi outfit," then as a "Persian king."

"I guess everybody has their own outlook on it," said Collins, 42. "It depends on what religion you're from."

Blasphemy! What people want to believe has nothing to do with what they see. Obviously, Jesus himself makes these images appear as perfect likenesses of him.

An old and apparently well-known Virgin Mary sighting was mentioned in the article (the "discoloration on the front of the Ugly Duckling Car Rental building in Clearwater that drew worshipers who said it was the Virgin Mary"), but unfortunately a quick Google search did not reveal any articles with pictures.

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
February 13, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley

Ceiling stain

Yet another example of Jesus the voyeur, as he spies on women in a weight loss clinic.

"I think its the silhouette and kind of a partial beard," said Dominique Sartin, Body Shoppe staff member. "She said if it had leaked a little more it would be a beard on the other side too."

Double Jesus?

They're considering selling it on E-Bay.

The Lord would be proud.

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
February 10, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley

Another guitar

Jesus decided to make his image appear on another guitar.

The above is the Shroud of Turin next to the alleged image of Jesus on the guitar, and the first thing you should note is that there are absolutely no similarities. But of course, the face makes itself clear to the True Believers:

"I've been here for 27 years and I've never seen anything close to that... the face is so clear," shop employee Jeff Hoyer told the Ludington News. "It reminded me, and a couple of other people, of the Shroud of Turin and we know who that was."

"It also reminds me of my brother, he's a biker."

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
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February 10, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley


Jesus has decided to appear on the stain of a shoe.

An individual in Southeast Kansas noticed a strange stain appear on the tongue of his new shoes. Upon further inpsection, the image is that of Jesus Christ.

While various images of Holy nature have appeared in many places, this one is quite unique. In an effort to help spread the word and share this miracle with others, the shoe has been listed for sale on Ebay, with a portion of the proceeds to go to Church ministries.

Now, a purely objective observer might be skeptical of this person, and think he may be simply trying to poke fun at other people who really do see Jesus. But what is there to make fun of? It's pretty obvious that Jesus wants to make his image appear everywhere. He is God, after all. Well, sort of. In a way. Partly?

This thing supposedly looks like Jesus.
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February 06, 2009 @ 4:00 PM PST by Wesley