How Seniors Should Pack For A Winter Vacation

How Seniors Should Pack For A Winter Vacation

So, you would want to go on a vacation but you fear that the winter weather might make that a bit difficult for you. Well, you are right. Besides, as you age, your immune system becomes weaker and extreme weather can make you catch a flue, pneumonia and other infections. So, how do you ensure that you protect yourself against the harsh weather and enjoy your vacation during winter season? Well, part of the answer lies on what you should pack when you are living for a winter vacation. This is how you should pack.


You need to stay warm at all times, and hats are the secret to this. In most cases, wearing bulky clothes don’t necessarily keep you warm. All you need to keep warm are a warm hat and a light fleece and you will be good to go. So, pack a good hat when you are going on a winter vacation. The hat should be able to cover your ears, and it should not have any fluff balls or flaps. It should also be made of modern, thin materials for maximum warmth.


Whenever you search for tips on how to keep warm during winter when travelling, you will find that everyone is advising you to dress in layers. Well, this sounds very great. However, no one ever tells you how to go about dressing in layers. Even though most senior citizens don’t care too much about style and how their look in clothes, the advice that you should dress in layers can make you layer yourself up continuously until you start looking like a Michelin man. When packing clothes, ensure that you have light short or long-sleeve shirt which you will wear when you are indoors. Also pack sweater or fleece, long-sleeved top, and light water and wind-proof outer shell. Be sure to pack the right and enough clothes to layer yourself up so that you can stay warm when you are indoors or outdoors.


Pack a pair of winter booths that look descent, and which you can wear both on the plane, and when you will be visiting various tourist sites. Make sure that the boots are low heels. Otherwise, you will be increasing your risk for fall. Good shoes for winter vacation should be waterproof, light on lacing, and dark colored.


Pack a pair of warm, thin, waterproof gloves. The gloves should be light and breathable. They should also be able to dry quickly. Find Medicare Supplement plans 2019 at