Popular Options for Treating Postural Instability in Senior Citizens

Popular Options for Treating Postural Instability in Senior Citizens


With postural instability, you can do self-massage. It can be performed at home, as it is quite simple.

This includes:

Direct stroking;

Circular stroking;

“Drawing” zigzags on the muscles of the front, and then the back of the legs;

Kneading the leg muscles: bottom-up, first on the front, then on the back surface;

Light tapping on the legs;

Stroking the legs.

It is best to start with a massage (possibly in a massage room) and follow it with physiotherapy, for example, magnetic therapy, electrical muscle stimulation.


This is a particularly important part of treating postural instability of any kind. However, exercises must be selected by your doctor. Also, you can engage in light sports activities at home.

Some of the popular exercise options for this include:

walking on the spot;

raising bent knees in a standing position;

bending and unbending the legs while lying on the stomach and lying on the back;

maintaining balance when standing on a thick rug;

walking along one line;

You can also compliment the above exercises with breathing workouts, as well as a visit to the pool.


Food with postural instability should contain little protein and almost zero cholesterol. You will need to give up on bad habits such as drinking alcohol as well as smoking, as they are likely to impair the blood supply to the brain.

In addition, it’s crucial for you to add products rich in antioxidants products. A few examples of these are given below:

olive oil;

green tea;


fresh berries;

red beans;







Be sure to drink an adequate amount of fluids on a day to day basis so as to avoid issues like constipation.

Care for postural instability:

Handrails in the bathroom are very important if the patient bathes on their own.

As a person becomes unstable, it is very important to secure the house for them in order to avoid falls. For walking on the street, it is desirable to purchase a walker for the elderly.

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