Why the Future of New Cars Depends on Grants Pass Car Dealers


Who of you remember the good old days when Henry Ford debuted his first assembly line? Your forefathers may tell you that they did not necessarily have the best riding comforts around. But, the fact that they could get from point A to B without too much trouble is all that mattered at the time. The used cars Grants Pass Oregon would have been around for as long as we can remember.

Boy, has times changed since what some would consider the pre-historic times of hard metal bodied vehicles that were also gas guzzlers. Slowly but steadily the analog made way for the modern digital versions. No doubt a trusted car dealership Grants Pass Oregon like Roe Motors get numerous requests for more modern vehicles that feature all the ‘Bells and Whistles’ they care about.

Needless to say, cars are fast becoming nodes in the network that would not only make driving fun but way more convenient and safer than its forerunners. However, some of the recent changes are in some way more complicated.

GM’s CEO, Mary Barra mentioned in 2015 that the motor industry will experience more changes the next five years than it ever has in the last 50.

What the Future Holds?

Grants Pass Oregon car dealers will definitely embrace the future while still making sure that older vehicles are made available for car owners who are not quite ready to adapt to the newer versions.

Just imagine a car that knows exactly where you want to go before you even get to touch the GPS. Even better, what if the vehicle you bought can sense that another motorist is about to T-bone your vehicle and shifts you out of harm’s way before the impact? Would you think it possible to remotely hack the brakes and steering of your car to the point where you can direct it your way? Well, these inventions are already here.

How New Cars Perceive the World

Newer models like the Buick, Cadillac, GMC, and GM most likely sport a host of high-end features that prospective car buyers cannot wait to lay their hands on. No doubt, the cars of the future are covered with dozens of sensors that make them aware of their surroundings. Besides, manufacturers are all about increasing safety and convenience as much as possible, while humans are still literally (and legally) in control.

Rogue Motors in Grants Pass have numerous state of the art vehicles in stock that feature some modern technology such as all new Buick Cascada that comes equipped with sought after safety features such as the cross traffic alert, heads-up, and side blind zone displays. Learn more about local used cars for sale by visiting UsedCarsGrantsPassOregon.com

Safety Features Motorists in the States Will Welcome with Open Arms

You may want to familiarize yourself with some of the current and future safety features of cars such as:

  • Ultrasound – Sensors are in place to cover the front and back sections of your vehicle to signal drivers of other objects surrounding them which is great for parallel parking.
  • Microphones – Tuned in to handle various voice commands such as canceling out road noise.
  • Face Camera – Cameras would face the driver to monitor eye patterns to detect sleepiness continuously or when the driver is distracted in any way.
  • Sensory Seat – Seats that alert drivers to all sorts of dangers such as a vehicle in their blind spot via vibrations under the right or left thigh.
  • Cameras – Exterior cameras would be in place to read lane markings to the car may self-steer to ensure the vehicle is not drifting. These would also be useful to tight parking.
  • Radar – Radar sensors will automatically set your vehicle to cruise control to ensure a safe distance from the vehicle ahead is being maintained. The car would even be alerted to self-brake to mitigate collisions.
  • V2V – Basic data will be beamed out about the driver’s location that will enable the vehicle to detect dangers the driver can’t see.

With all this ever changing technology to ensure a safer ride, tech firms are more cautious than usual while car manufacturers are moving even faster to keep up. They realize that they need to move as quickly as the technology companies to stay ahead.

Rogue Motors made it their business to stay current with the latest developments due to the levels of safety, security, and maintenance of cars reaching higher levels of improvement than ever before in history, and at a faster pace.


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