1. Buy what you need. Some families only give the wet food variety, some only the dry food and some do both. Buying in bulk can save you money, but if you only have one cat, it may be unnecessary. Buy the brand that matches your cat (multi cat, older feline, kitten etc…)

Through learning from our Veterinarian, we feed our 3 cats dry food through a self feeder so they take what they want during the day and night. Cats usually eat only what they need, which is unlike dogs who won’t stop until the food is gone. Dry food is easy for cats to eat, has nutrients and is good for their teeth.


At night, around our dinner time, we split HALF a can of wet food between the three cats. The wet food is a treat for them. It also has vitamins and nutrients, but the dry food gives them enough already.
If you only give the canned, wet food,however, talk to your Vet. Our Vet recommended that a friend of ours who has one cat, and only gives the wet variety, give him three meals a day – 1/2 a can in the morning, 1 can during the day and then another 1/2 at dinner. All cats are different, so don’t forget to ask first.

  1. WATER – extra info

Water is very important. Cat’s survive on water. We use a separate self feeder for the water and the cats use it a lot. Make sure water is always clean and available to your cat(s). Milk is usually NOT good for your cats digestive system, but talk to your Veterinarian for more information. Love and enjoy your pets, and they will do the same for you.