Financial Assistance for Children with Disability Special Needs

Children with disabilities and their families can find financial assistance from government and non profit associations. Government agencies at the federal and state levels maintain dedicated funds for children with special needs.

Disability specific non profit associations operate with government and private funding to help disabled kids. Many of the assistance programs for kids with disabilities are based on family’s financial needs. This article provides resources to find assistance for children with special needs.


Cash Assistance for Children with Disabilities Special Needs and Severe Disabilities

Federal and state government agencies provide disability income or cash assistance for children with special needs. The largest federal program available to kids with disabilities is the Social Security Administration Supplemental Income or SSI. There are various forms of disabilities including autism, blindness and cerebral palsy that may qualify under this program.

The SSI cash assistance program is based on the financial needs of the disabled child and the family. Medical certifications and history proving the disability are required by this program. Additionally, the SSA will perform a disability evaluation. Applications for the SSI disability program are accepted online, by telephone and at SSA local offices.

Temporary Emergency Assistance for Children with Disabilities

The federal government provides funding to all states under the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or TANF program. Each state is responsible for running its TANF program. The main goal of the program is to provide temporary financial assistance to low income families with children. These programs are based on needs. Applications are accepted at each state’s TANF office. The programs are funded by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.

Grants for Children with Disability Special Needs

Grants are awarded by the Federal and State governments to non profit organizations and to public agencies. These organizations provide individual assistance to children with disabilities and their families. Some of these non profits may also be funded with contributions from the public. Unlike loans, these grants don’t have to be repaid.

  • United Health Care Children Foundation – is a non profit organization that offers grants for children with special needs medical expenses. The grants match the difference between insurance coverage and actual health care expenses.
  • The Innovating Worthy Projects Foundation at – A non profit that funds other organizations only. Organizations receiving funds (grantees) provide financial help and other assistance to children with disability special needs. The website lists the names of the organizations receiving funding or grantees; individuals can apply for help directly with one of these grantees.
  • National Autism Association – This organization provides financial help for children and families with autism. It also accepts contributions from the general public to fund programs. These grants are very popular and the association receives a high volume of applications. The submission process runs on annual basis with deadlines.
  • Disabled Children Relief Funds at – this is a small grant to help disabled children purchase equipments such as; hearing aids, wheelchairs, eyeglasses, walkers, for physical therapy and medical aids.

There are many types of resources for children with disabilities and their parents to obtain help to meet financial obligations. Governments and non profit organizations are dedicated to help disabled children with cash grants, medical and educational grants. The best options to obtain cash is to apply for SSI benefits, state benefits and grants provided by specific non profit organizations. Most federal grants are awarded to state agencies and non profits, these in turn fund grants to individual children with disabilities.