Frugal Vacation Ideas – Backyard Camp Out: Relax and Get Away with Backyard Camping Trip

Camping is a wonderful way to bring the family together. Driving for miles to a distant camping destination and packing everything from bedding to food can be stressful and expensive. Families can save money and eliminate packing troubles by creating an unforgettable camping experience in their backyard.

Before the backyard camping trip begins, lay the ground rules. Designate a time that the camping trip is to begin. When the time approaches this means all family members must shut off the computer, television, cell phones and other electronic devices and head outside.

During the backyard camping trip, keep the focus on spending time together and having fun. Only allow access to inside the home to use the rest room or to grab additional clothing, otherwise the house is off limits.

Camping Supplies for a Backyard Camping Vacation

To enjoy camping at its best, a tent, sleeping bags and pillows are essential gear to have on this frugal family vacation. To guide the way after dark, each camper should have a flashlight, glow stick or lantern available. Other supplies that may come in handy include a grill, fire pit, outdoor candles, bug spray, outdoor seating and table.

To make the camping vacation a success, plan the menu ahead of time. Be prepared to have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand. To discourage campers from going inside to grab items from the refrigerator, consider packing a cooler full of drinks and leaving outside near the camp site. All family members should be involved in putting together the snack and menu items for the camping trip. Be sure to remember the graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows for smores.


Camp Out for Inexpensive Family Fun

Before preparing dinner for the evening, select a suitable site for the tent. Work together as a family to put the tent up and get it ready for sleeping in later that evening. Young children can get involved by placing their favorite blanket or stuffed animal inside and selecting their special sleeping spot.

To create the right camping ambience, build a fire in a portable fire pit. If a fire pit is not available, use a group of candles or outdoor lanterns. Be sure to keep fire safety in mind. Other ways to light the night sky are to line the patio or deck with outdoor Christmas lights to create a fun and inviting atmosphere. Or create a glowing fake fire by using several glow sticks and placing on the ground together.

As the sun begins to set, be sure to have everything necessary to enjoy a comfortable night sleeping under the stars. Make smores around the fire or enjoy favorite family snacks together. Sit together and tell stories under the stars or sing camp fire songs. Talk about other family vacations and recall favorite moments.

Creating unforgettable family vacations doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With a little planning and creativity, a fun, family get-away can be as close as your backyard. The only cost of this frugal vacation idea is the groceries, if a tent is already available for use.