Let’s talk about Linkedin and how you can get better

Linkedin is like Facebook and Twitter combined.

It’s a social networking website for people in business and it contains a wealth of information about potential customers, employees, and employers.

It even provides examples of how to use it right.

I am going to provide you with 10 useful tips so you can achieve everything you can from Linkedin: who will be your future boss?

Where is the greatest place to get tea around here?

Which events are taking place this week?

Do I need a visa for North Korea?

Where can I buy scuba gear near here?

Where has my car been towed to okay?

Who wants to go on a date with me?!

1. Watch the tone of voice

When you write, write in a way that makes people want to read what you have written and to follow your advice.

Keep it casual and down-to-earth with a tone of voice that is easy-going, clear, and reassuring.

If a reader does not like your style or finds something irritating about it, they won’t be interested in anything else either!

Also, concentrate on being informative rather than just opinionated.

2. Think big picture

Try not to go into too much detail when writing an article because people skim-read these days if there’s too much text!

You want to get straight to the point so that people can work out whether they’re interested in your post or not and so they can easily see what you’re suggesting they should do.

You write about the big picture, not the little details.

3. Give advice based on real-life experience

When writing articles, include personal experiences and lessons that you’ve learned along the way which will help people to read your posts with interest and learn from them too, see this page.

Always make it clear what has happened to you and what is actually going on; we all like to know these things!

Keep us in touch with reality!

And avoid resorting to unsubstantiated facts or figures: this is called speculation and there’s no place for it online (or anywhere else for that matter).

4. Provide examples

One way you can make your posts seem more interesting and engaging is to provide real-life examples in the form of lists, case studies, and bullet points.

This makes them easy to digest and simple for people to take away with them too.

You could also use diagrams and charts in some cases – this might be appropriate if it helps to describe a process or image which is easier to understand in these forms.

Just remember that when you’re providing information, don’t put anything out there that is just speculation or opinion when you haven’t got any facts or evidence to back this up!

5. Be accurate

The most important thing is always accuracy: keep checking what you’ve written until you’re completely satisfied that it’s correct or, even better, show it to someone else and get them to check it for you.

This will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes which could harm your online reputation.

6. Keep an open mind

There is a slight chance that someone might post a comment after reading one of your articles which challenges the views that you have shared there.

Don’t be intimidated or offended by this: instead, try to talk with the person if it seems appropriate and be prepared to listen more than speak!

Ultimately we can all learn from each other in life and making smart decisions comes from having a broad base of knowledge on any given subject.

If people disagree with what you suggest here or think your advice isn’t relevant to them, don’t be afraid to change your mind!

We should always be open to other people’s views and experiences as long as they’re acted upon constructively.

7. Ensure there are no mistakes

Check for any spelling or grammar mistakes before you post – otherwise, you’ll lose the respect of those who read it and those who share your content with others too.

Mistakes like this can help damage and ruin your reputation and credibility online so try not to make any errors that could cause problems anytime soon!

It might seem obvious but we all need a reminder sometimes: proofread carefully and thoroughly if necessary.