Make Money with a Catering Business: Self Employment Ideas

From simple meetings and corporate events to big weddings, there are lots of opportunities to make money with a catering business. Learn how to use self employment ideas to create a whole new career in this event-oriented field. Creating a home-based business is easier than ever, even in a poor economy.

Catering and Self Employment Ideas

Running a home-based catering business is actually a rather “old” self employment idea. With the Internet, many types of self employment are suddenly possible, but lots of entrepreneurs were making money with catering well before this invention. Still, it doesn’t hurt to go online in today’s day and age.

In catering, there are several simple self employment ideas which can help professionals get started:

  • Online advertising. Everything’s online these days, and many home-based business are benefiting. Create a professional Web site, social networking profiles and take advantage of other online promotional opportunities. Even these very easy, very common self employments ideas can help caterers reap financial rewards.
  • Local promotion. Want to launch a home-based catering business? This is a lucrative self employment idea because most of the money will come from the entrepreneur’s local market. Create listings in local newspapers and phonebooks to start. It’s also a good idea to contact other local businesses – event rental companies, florists, photographers, popular wedding and event venues – and ask to be listed in their directories.

Running a Home-Based Catering Business

Running a home-based catering business is a great self employment idea sure, but it still takes a lot of hard work and serious self-promotion. What else does it take to make this career path work?


  • Food services. Often, caterers are hired to provide the food and other refreshments at events. Many professionals create their own catering business because they have a great love of food, so this might be the easiest service to provide. When help is needed, search for local contractors offering waiter/waitressing services and food, but remember that it’s best to keep costs low so profits stay high.
  • Bar services. Many events won’t just want food, but drink. Become acquainted, and establish professional ties with, local bartenders and alcoholic beverage providers. Remember that in many areas, it’s necessary for certain insurance to be in place when alcohol is being served. Stay current on licensing and insurance needs at all times, and stay legal and professional in catering services.
  • Décor and other event items. Some catering businesses may wish to provide decorating services and other event items or services. Event planning, music and floral arrangements are all commonly needed. Even if the catering business in question isn’t providing all these services, it’s a good idea to offer listings of local DJs, musicians and other event-related professionals for clients.