Ten Bridal Shower Games: Throw an Entertaining Bridal Shower

Here are ten bridal shower games that will impress guests and will be fun for the bride.

  1. Toilet Paper Bride: In this game, the guests are split into teams of three or four. One person in each team is the model and the other team members construct a wedding gown out of toilet paper and safety pins in less than five minutes. The bride picks the wedding dress that she likes the best.
  2. Celebrity Date: Each guest is given an index card. On the index cards, guests write down the celebrity that they would choose to go on a date with if they had the opportunity. The index cards are shuffled together and everyone tries to match the celebrity with the guest.
  3. Famous Couples: The hostess makes a list of famous couples but only writes down one person in the pair. Each guest tries to write down the missing half in each couple. Whoever gets the most right is the winner.
  4. Wedding-Movie Charades: Make a list of wedding movies such as Father of the Bride and 27 Dresses. Put each movie title on a separate piece of paper. Guests take turns picking a movie title and trying to act it out without using words.
  5. The Price is Right: Purchase ten household items and record the cost of each item. Have the bridal shower guests guess how much each item costs. Whoever guesses closest to the actual price gets to keep the product.
  6. Who Knows the Bride the Best: The hostess puts together a list of questions for the bride and asks the bride to answer them before the shower. The hostess then asks the questions to the bridal shower guests to see who knows her the best. Whoever gets the most questions correct is the winner.
  7. Two Truths and a Lie: Each guest comes up with two truths and a lie about themselves. Each person tells the group the three statements in random order and the group has to decide which one is the lie.
  8. How Old Was the Bride: Get pictures of the bride while she was growing up from her mother. Post them on poster board. Have each guest guess how old the bride was at the time of each picture.
  9. Draw the Groom in His Underwear: Give each guest a pad of paper and pen. Each guest should place the pad on the top of her head and try to draw the groom in his underwear without looking. The bride picks the best drawing.
  10. Bridal Poem: As the bride is opening her gifts, the hostess begins a poem about the bride by writing down one line. Then the poem is passed around and each guest writes down another line that follows the previous line. Each time someone writes down another line they fold the paper, so that the next person can only see the line preceding the line that she will write. At the end, the hostess reads the poem to the group.